• Analysis of your fragrance
  • Find an olfactory family
  • Choose of fragrances made for you
  • Learn how to use the best your fragrance

Fragrance advices in Singapore

Not sure if your fragrances are right for you ? And you have trouble choosing new ones ?

Nice to meet you, my name is Gaby and I propose you to find your best fragrances !

Trained in perfumery at ISIPCA Versailles and formerly facilitator at Hermès, Chanel and Beauté Prestige International.

I put my know-how at your service so that you have a good time and that you feel beautiful and confident !

Let's find your best fragrances

The goal of this session is to find out which scents suit you the best.

We will complete a manual that you will keep in order to keep all the advice I give you.

You will have all the information you need when you will search for a new fragrance.

  1. We will analyze the perfumes that you wear or have already worn. Why did you like it? What does it mean to you? The notes? Your emotions? .....
  2. We will decipher your desires and your tastes. Using different fragrances and raw materials, we will determine which olfactory family (s) is or are made for you, depending on your personality, your state of mind, your astrological sign, your look ... For example: Floral Fruity, Oriental Woody, Chypré Floral, Citrus Musk ...
  3. We are going to determine which is THE perfume that would suit you best or the perfumes that resemble you.
  4. We will dedicate the end of the session with the perfume advice: How to make it stick ? How to keep it ? How to choose your perfume in perfumery ? What can or cannot be done with a perfume ? ....
  5. Following this session, we can schedule an appointment in a perfume store, in order to try and validate THE perfume that is made for you.

After the session

Prices & Booking

At home

From the booking to your session, all is done from the comfort of your home. Don’t worry, I’ll be in charge of everything.

Quick booking

Booking process is really easy. Click on the button below and follow the steps. In 2 minutes, your booking is completed.

Long term results

You can always resume an appointment if you want to update your routine. But what you learn will serve you for life.

1 person

Price per person
SGD 90
  • Fragrance advices
  • Custom manual
  • At home

2/3 people

Price per person
SGD 70
  • Fragrance advices
  • Custom manual
  • At home

4/5 people

Price per person
SGD 50
  • Fragrance advices
  • Custom manual
  • At home

Payment is done at the end of the session by PayNow or by cash.

You have the possibility to move or cancel your appointment.

The calendar sometimes fills up quickly. Don’t hesitate to book your session as soon as possible.


“I highly recommend the perfume discovery workshop by Gaby through her company Emanaé.

In one morning, she gives us all the basics to learn the different types of perfumes and understand which ones suit us best.

Gaby has knowledge and an impressive collection that she shares with great kindness and generosity. It is an extremely fun and well-constructed olfactory workshop.

I didn’t see the morning go by and I went out with a new weapon of seduction and well-being. “

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